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I start my day with sitting meditation and then go out for a slow walk to grab some breakfast. The way to the nearest cafe is a beautiful mix of the yellows and browns of autumn. There are no kids in the playground, no parents, no dogs. I stretch myself on a small wooden bench as I bite into a deliciously flaky spinach and cheese Börek. It's a cold Friday morning.

Panke, Berlin, DE - Nov 12, 2021

If I haven't told you already, I am done with 5-day workweeks. It's a mindful step I have taken as a recovering productivity junkie. After spending the better part of the decade on "self-improvement" and optimising my "productivity" with various tricks and hacks day and night, I've started to slowly let go; sightly loosen the grip.

The math is simple; 4 days of work followed by 3 days of break. What gets people is when I rephrase it as "almost as much time to relax as the time spent at work". My mates, Dan and Ben, have been trying to convince me to try it out for some time now but I need to thank Shivani for phrasing it in such a simple way that it finally tipped the scales.

The effects of this seem to be compounding each week as I start my third 3-day weekend today. I'm starting to recognise a slight spike in energy. Stress levels are a bit low. Slowly but surely I'm feeling a rise in creativity and curiosity. All this is to say that my relationship with a lot of things including work is changing. More on this in a future post.

It's a cold Friday morning.
Breathing in, I smile;
Breathing out, I let go.